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  1. REGISTERING A CLAIM to participate in the Book4Golf Yorkton Securities Class Action Settlement:

    According to the terms of the Settlement, Claims should be submitted electronically, prior to the Claims Submission Deadline, using the Online Claim Registration System.

    If you have questions about the Settlement, click here to access the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this Website.

    Should you not have access to a computer with Internet connectivity, please contact the Administrator who will provide you with the appropriate form via standard mail.

  2. OPTING OUT of the Book4Golf Yorkton Securities Class Action Settlement:

    Any class member who does not wish to participate in the Settlement must Opt Out. A class member who opts out will not be eligible for any of the benefits of the Settlement.

    Do not opt out if you wish to share in the benefits of the Settlement.

    To Opt Out, a class member must send a completed Opt Out Form by prepaid mail, courier or fax, on or before April 10, 2006, to:

    Administrator, Yorkton Book4Golf Securities Class Action Settlement
      Deloitte & Touche LLP
    79 Wellington Street West
    PO Box 29 TD Centre
    Toronto, ON, M5K 1B9

    Fax: 866.372.0984

    Complete the Opt Out Form, in its entirety, as it contains the information required by the Settlement Agreement in order to Opt Out of the Settlement. The completed Opt Out Form must be signed by the class member or an authorized designee, and must include the class member name, as it appeared on his, her or its Yorkton account statement, and the class member mailing address.